February 16th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- I am, at the moment, decidedly unhappy. And I really don't have any idea why.

-- I almost finished the first disc of Firefly last night. I'll finish it and start disc 2 before I go to kung fu tonight. It's pretty good stuff. The characters handle problems in interesting and realistic ways, and there's no sound in the vacuum of space. Also, this woman plays the ship's mechanic. I want to marry her and kiss her nose, as she is officially The Cutest Thing in America.

-- Tomorrow night is Domestic as Fuck night. Wherein I do laundry, lots of sewing, cleaning the bathroom, and redecorating. I might just put on a frilly apron and bake a cake, while I'm at it.

-- Dave Grohl + Lemmy = ROCK. I must buy the Probot CD, and I'm glad Dave Grohl continues to find new and interesting ways to prove my assertion that all the talent in Nirvana was behind the drum kit. Pop music sucks, and Metal is coming back to kick the shit out of us for listening to it. Thank Crom.