March 1st, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- I don't take anywhere NEAR enough pictures. Considering that I have a digital camera and rechargeable batteries, and can therefore take pictures at no cost to myself, there is just no excuse for this.

-- I think shaving my head is a look I'm going to stick with for a while. It seems to test well with females 18 to 40, which is my key demographic. The moustache also seems to be testing pretty well, so I think I'll hang onto it for a while too. I'm not that big of a fan of it myself, tho', so it just might get cancelled in spite of its popularity. Then again, if I keep it, I could legitimately wear a shirt that said "MOUSTACHE RIDES: 50 CENTS, PRICE NEGOTIABLE". This is a fringe benefit not to be taken lightly.

-- Very good weekend this week, which I think is a side effect of the fact that I have a very good life. I spent Saturday up in Birmingham with Tommy and the Chunns, and we spent just as much time (if not more) hanging out and catching up as we did playing, which is always good. There are things I need to talk to Cooper about, and I didn't get the chance to, but it's nothing that can't wait. I woke up Sunday morning and fortunately managed to catch Jayme before she went walkabout, so I talked to her for a while. I then proceeded to laze around the house watching Teen Titans for a bit too long and ended up jumping up in a panic to at 2:30 to get ready to go to kung fu on time. Where I had lots and lots of fun.

-- I also got in trouble this weekend for not hitting girls. I'm still not quite sure I've got the logic behind that one worked out.

-- I'm learning new things at kung fu, which is very much fun. I am also being handed heavy things and being told to swing them around, and being punched in the eye. Which is also great fun.

-- I could easily fall in love with you. This is a bad thing, I think, bordering on terrible. I've decided not to think about it.

-- Of the list of stuff I made yesterday, I've done not a bit. I've emailed no one, and the only progress I've made on a webpage is verifying that I do indeed have FrontPage on my workstation. Way to go, me!

-- I have no idea what the html below is; It looked like some sort of quiz result so I figured I'd throw it up here behind a cut and see how it came out.

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-- Have I nattered on quite enough? I think yes.
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