March 10th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- I just deleted a spam with the subject line "Raped Teenage Gymnast". What the fuck kind of degenerate is that supposed to appeal to?

-- The 'fu was lots of fun tonight. Open gym, so I just worked on my punches a good bit on the heavy bag and the speedbag, and did some... other stuff with Jared. I worked on chuck strikes, and did a little bit of staff stuff with Daniel. I also learned that ballet is very good for flexibility and balance.

-- Yesterday and this past Friday are the only days out of the past eight where I haven't done at least a couple hours of either kendo or kung fu. Daniel's response when I told him this was 'that's not necessarily a bad thing', and he's absolutely right, but for me that's a pretty good push on this poor misshappen body of mine. I feel far, far better now than I would've if I'd tried to do something like this as little as three months ago, but my legs are sore from my knees to my waist, and all the muscles in my arms have their own different ways of hurting. And especially after all the bag work I did tonight, my hands ache. God, what I wouldn't give for a parrafin bath to soak them in.
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