March 12th, 2004

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This is actually pretty damn funny. It'd be even funnier if this woman wasn't such an awful writer.

Expect more random crap in this vein as the day wears on, as I'm dead on my feet and trying to find something to keep my mind stimulated so I can stay awake. Sitting here and doing my job isn't quite gonna cut it.
Self-Portrait 3

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One --one-- Krispy Kreme plain glazed doughnut has 200 calories, 110 of them from fat, 12 grams of fat, and 10 grams of sugar.

No wonder they're so goddamn good.
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Self-Portrait 3

Aspirin Facts You Should Know (!)

-- Lowers a fever and is an inflammatory.

-- Aspirin should be taken with food to ease upset stomach or future
stomach problems. Buffered aspirin contains antacid to provide the
same effect without food.

-- Coated aspirin dissolves in the small intestine instead of the
stomach – it should be used it you have stomach problems.

-- Caffeine increases aspirin’s effect – have coffee, soda, or other
caffeinated drink with aspirin

-- Never give aspirin to someone under age 18 who has a cold, flu,
chicken pox, or viral infection – it may cause a fatal brain and liver

-- It is possible to be allergic to aspirin – if you have a runny nose,
sneezing, or inflammation after taking aspirin, switch to a
non-aspirin pain killer.

I have a feeling that fifth one is some CYA bullshit that Bayer decided to propagate. There was a while when I was in high school where I took an aspirin a day just on general principle, and I'm fine.

Then again, I could have a fatal brain and liver disorder. Nice.
Self-Portrait 3

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-- I'm beginning to think something's wrong with AIM, likely on my end, maybe on the whole system. For the past day or so every time I've logged in to look around no one has been on, which is kind of odd. Sam almost always stays plugged in so you can pipe a message to his phone if nothing else.

-- I'm getting a bit burned out on the world, I think. I probably need to go walkabout at some point over spring break.

-- "Have ordered crate of libido suppressant, a partial lobotomy, seventy nude pictures of Queen Victora, and a castration." How I fucking wish.

-- Speaking of spring break, I still haven't made any plans for what to do. The last time I did that I ended up knocking around in an empty house for more than a week, which kind of sucked. This is, after all, my vaction. I'd probably enjoy it more if I'd just take the time to plan it a little better.