March 16th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

"Oh, well, yeah! Green's the new pink!"

And Tuesday's the new weekend. I used to love Tuesday night so much because it was Story Night and I'd spend three hours hanging out with Michelle and watching Gilmore Girls and Somebody Save Me and Buffy. Now I love it because it's the only night of the week when I know I'll get to relax. I have kung fu three days a week, kendo on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday are almost certain to be occupied with socializing. Tuesday is the only day left for "me" time.

When I get off work tonight I'm going to wash the dishes that are in my sink and sort my clothes so I can do some laundry tomorrow. I'm going to fix myself some chicken and rice for dinner. Maybe some biscuits, too. Then I'm going to finish reorganizing my DVD rack and clean my guns while I watch the Gilimore Girls rerun for this week, and after I get done with that I'm going to watch one of the new episodes that I've got on tape. Then a nice, hot shower, a long overdue shave, and off to bed to get at least eight hours' sleep.

And I'm doing every bit of it butt-ass naked. Ain't life grand?
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Self-Portrait 3

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I lifted this off the gossip page at MSN:

"Are you in the market for a perfume that's rich with the smell of titillation, but has subtle undertones of confusion and desperation, plus just a hint of sadness? Then you might want to check out the new scent from Britney Spears. The pop tartlet has announced a new licensing deal with Elizabeth Arden to create and market perfume, makeup, and skin care products. "I love perfume and cosmetics," Britney said in a statement, "and am so excited to develop my own line with Elizabeth Arden." "

Given the number of bleached-blonde Louisiana skanks who are every bit as talented but not quite as lucky as Britney Spears who work in the beauty salons during the day and moonlight in the strip joints on the weekends, I find this frighteningly appropriate. It amuses me to no end that Britney Spears is basically doing the same things she would have done if she'd never made it out of the trailer park, except on a much, much bigger scale.