April 1st, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- I was asleep by midnight last night. I have apparently gotten too old for this shit.

-- I get to see Hellboy tonight. You're jealous whether you know it or not.

-- My bathroom sink is clogged like a motherfucker. Drano appears to be totally ineffective; I may have to buy a plumbing auger. Note to self: Next time you wait three weeks to shave your head, cut the hair off in the bathtub instead of over the sink.

-- Doing some decorating tomorrow, which will mostly entail mounting a lot of toys on the walls.

-- Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" = Best. Video. Evar.

-- Hurm. Perhaps I shall go back to bed.
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    Hole - Gold Dust Woman