April 6th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

"Tuck and roll, motherfucker!"

-- Pimp-Mack Stud of the Day Award goes to 17-year-old British gymnast Steven Jehu. His team was in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for a meet and he was standing on the balcony of his fourth-floor hotel room when the railing gave way and dumped his ass over the side. So what did homeboy do? He pulled into a somersault, stuck his landing, and came out of a 35 foot fall with nothing worse than a broken ankle. Bad. Fucking. Ass.

-- Now I know how Mal Reynolds felt when he was looking out the front of his ship with his wang swinging in the wind. Damn, today's been a good day.

-- You know, the shit they're doing with 12 gauge shotgun shells these days is amazing. If you took an over/under double-barrel, put a pistol grip on it, and sawed it down to a foot or so of barrel, you'd essentially have a big-ass pistol that you could get a ton of mission-specific loads for. Definately something to do some more research on.

-- The Discovery Channel is seriously beginning to let me down. Animal Face-Off is quite possibly the only thing on television that's dumber and/or lamer than Monster House.

-- And on top of everything else good that's happened today, I'll finally get to go to sleep at a decent hour.
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