May 11th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Just went to the store and bought some gatorade, so now I have a water bottle. If I can find a cozy that'll fit it I'll have a really good water bottle.

-- This journal has completely fallen into the trap of being audience-driven, such as my meager audience is. There really isn't much of substance I can talk about without editing myself fairly heavily, and so I post here less and less. Or more and more, except the posts end up being fluff pieces, like this stuff.

-- I am very pleased at the progress that is being made in kung fu. I'm somewhat displeased at some of the setbacks that we're being handed, but they'll force us to make significant steps forward. Which is good.

-- And speaking of kung fu, I love that it makes the weeks go by so much faster. When I go to bed on Monday nights, I have something to look forward to on Wednesday, which gives me the ability to go, "and one more day after Wednesday is Friday". Which is excellent.

-- My Publix has already begun its photonic assault on my apartment. So far it seems a stalemate, but then, they haven't whipped out the big guns yet. But, neither have I. I'm beginning to get the impression that constructing heavy shades won't be necessary, but it's entirely possible that the lights coming in a bit at a time is rope-a-doping my ass.

-- A friend of mine remarked a few days ago that you could take the director's cut (or even the theatrical cut) of Terminator 2 and edit it down to a much tighter movie where it's John, the 800 Series Terminator, Sarah Conner, and (later) Miles Dyson trying to take out Cyberdyne. I watched it again yesterday while the cable was out, and he's absolutly right. The T-1000 is b-plot at best. He's a MacGuffin that's there because James Cameron had some fancy new special effects that he wanted to show off. There's a really damn long stretch that starts about an hour and six minutes in (and keep in mind this is in the special extended edition where there's extra scenes with the T-1000) where the T-1000 completely fucking disappears for almost a solid hour. Nobody even mentions him. It's just as well; they never explain how the damn thing can come back through the time machine, anyway.
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