May 12th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

I am not a dork.

I am not a geek. I am not even remotely close to being able to wear either of those labels. Neither are you. Neither is anyone else.

Save one.

One man has out-dorked every dork, out-geeked every geek, to an extent that I think will never be rivalled. He is such a complete and utter dork that dorks and geeks everywhere will flock to him, kick his ass, and take his lunch money, which I have no doubt that he still gets from Mommy. I herewith christen him The Only Dork in America.

This is that man.
Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- I need to dig out my rechargeables and juice them up for this weekend/next week. Also, I probably need to go on and get another set, just so I can constantly have some charged if I feel like it. It'd be a great encouragement for taking more pictures.

-- I have a fairly sharp pain in my left side, right at the bottom of my ribcage. I had written it off as typical soreness from falling/getting thrown, but it's gotten progressively worse since yesterday afternoon, and worked its way from sore to its current sharpness. Maybe it's a stigmata. That would be totally sweet, as well as highly funny.

-- Speaking of my side, I went to take some asprin for it a couple hours ago, and as I habitually dropped two tablets into my hand, I realized that I used to take two asprin at a time back when I was a kid. I weigh just a little bit more now than I did then, so two asprin probably isn't enough to do dick. So I took four. It still isn't helping.