May 24th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- A great and wonderful time was had by all at Fiskeywest II: Enter the Flagon. At least, as I recall, and I confess that my recollection of the events is probably a lot fuzzier and full of holes than I think it is, considering that final tally the next morning revealed that we'd ALL drank a lot more than we thought. I'm amazed I didn't hork. I got some pretty good pictures, too. The only problem with them is that almost all of them have pretty bad redeye, because I keep forgetting to adjust my flash settings to compensate. Also, I had my camera set to maximum resolution, so all the pics are frigging huge. Which is fixable, so no big.

-- Also, my foot was hurting when I woke up yesterday morning, and actually still hurts a little bit now. If anyone knows why, feel free to speak up at your leisure.

-- You know, I didn't realize it until a few minutes ago when Comic Book Guy started disassembling a wooden pallet with nothing but a hammer, but I'm still just slightly hung over. A condition no doubt contributed to by the fact that I didn't drink near enough water yesterday, and only got five and a half hours sleep last night. Truth to tell, I feel worse this morning than I did when I woke up yesterday.
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