June 13th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- "Some bitch wailing in the desert because some faggot in his underwear stabbed some other asshole." - Jason Lee's one-sentence gestalt of Troy. I actually enjoyed Troy quite a bit, but I can't deny that that's a fairly accurate assessment.

-- I seem to turning into a lo-tek more and more with every passing day. I'm adopting a "tactile is better" stance on almost everything I can think of. My palm pilot is in the process of being decomissioned in favor of the Moleskine pocket notebook I picked up yesterday, I'm combing ebay in search of a 35mm to supplement (and possibly replace) my 2 megapixel digital, I'd much rather sit and read a book than watch tv, and I'm doing my best to sit down and write letters to people rather than just firing off emails. I spent fifteen bucks on stamps at the post office last week.

-- That said, there are a lot of people I need to email. I'll either do that tonight before I go to bed (unlikely, given that I'm maybe a half-hour away from crashing) or tomorrow at work. I'm not planning on having anything else to do.
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