July 25th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- I happened on the tail end of something useless on E! about celebrities and their favorite drinks, and I have to admit developing a grudging respect for Paris Hilton. Her favorite drink is apparently Jack and Coke, and I can find absolutely no fault with that.

-- Sebastian Bach's assesment of the Moscow Music Peace Fest back in '89: "Vodka's like a dollar a bottle in Russia, man; it was a fun ride home."

-- See, shit like this is why I don't get sick. You ever take shop class in high school? Remember how there was always that one dumbass who could do everything, but he could do it just barely well enough to scrape by and pass? His shit got done, yeah, but everybody made jokes about how they'd never let him work on their house? Well, the only difference between your shop class and med school is dead bodies and a shitload of money, and your friend the dumbass? He's a doctor now. Have fun stormin' the castle.

-- I don't have a clue what this is, but I need to see it. Charlie, can you shed some light on the subject?

-- Also, while we're on the subject of trailers, my christmas present to myself this year is coming two months early.

-- "Son, if it's got tires or tits, it's gon' give you trouble." Brilliant.
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