August 3rd, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Sweet action. You can get a navel ring of Arwen's pendant from LotR. Author Diane Duane's reaction to this is logged here at, and it's one of the most pretentious things I've ever seen. Cory Doctorow seems to agree with her, which is no surprise considering that he's so pretentious that I fully expect him to start refusing to sell his books unless he can beam them directly into his customer's thoughts with the power of his mind. You know, so they can get the full effect of the meaning of his words.

-- I wash my hands of Mallet, as they have proven themselves time and again not worth even the smallest amout of my time. It's amazing how small and light the straw that's finally broken my back is. Like the man said, 'I have dreamed a dream of you; but now, that dream is over'.

-- The list of people I need to email is legion, and inclues my entire circle, Bess, Josh, and Cooper. The plan is to take care of all that tonight, tho' I may not have time.