August 11th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- New euphemism for taking a crap: Raise the terror alert level to "Brown"

-- Excellence. You know the boatload of sightseers who got crapped on by Dave Matthews' tour bus in Chicago this past Sunday? One of the guys on the forums at Something Awful actually works on the very boat. His firsthand account is hi-larious.

-- On a related note, the SA forums are some of the best on the internet. They have virtually NONE of the "I have a tiny cock and nobody likes me. I think I'll go be a complete dick on a message board (1)to make me feel better about myself, and (2)because nobody can kick my worthless ass over the internet." bullshit you see on other message boards. This is almost certainly because you have to pay money for the priviledge to join. There are a lot of other forums I wish would do that, mostly because it makes me sick to see places that I used to enjoy going and discussing things with people ruined by ignorant-ass, DUMB-ass high school kids who need to be killed.