August 14th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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--I took off on the spur of the moment yesterday after work. Went to the house, grabbed a shirt and my pj's (walking off and leaving my kit bag and my socks) and came up to birmingham with Poobie to see Aliens vs Predator. Not out of some burning desire to see AvP, mind you. I was just burned out on work and (by extension) on tuscaloosa. I had to get gone. Luckily for me, if I feel like it I can do that. Not having to answer to anyone is beginning to lose its lustre for me, but I can't deny that it has its advantages.

Spent the night up here in their new place. It's the first time I've been up since the move, so it's an actual home now as opposed to a collection of rooms and boxes. I like the guest bedroom/Sarah's office setup, as having a futon in it makes it eminently practical. A surprisingly comfortable futon, I might add. Of course, I was so beat last night I could've slept on the floor, but that's beside the point.

-- I spent a good bit of last night looking throuh pictures from the wedding. I found several of Sarah ranging from "getting drunk" to "hilariously drunk", and one of me and Michelle that I'm probably going to have to leave here with.

-- Also, the flipside of the oogy feeling of sitting in a chair that's already warm from someone else's ass heat is returing to your own chair on a chilly day and settling back into your still-warm ass indent, which I truly believe to be one of the more sublime pleaures that life has to offer.
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