August 29th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Very, very relaxing Friday night in Birmingham last night. I went to dinner and to see Hero with Shelli and the Poobies and the Chunns. Hero is a lushly, richly, almost opulently beautiful thing that outs itself as a wonderfully passionate love story about forty minutes in. I recommend that everyone see it.

-- I've managed to be almost all the way productive today. I went to Wal-Mart and spent more money than I intended to, but all of it was for stuff that I actually needed. I picked up razor blades, belts for my suitcase, a maybe-stopgap-maybe-permanent pair of replacement shades, a new loofa, a new pair of comfy walking shoes, yet another CD folder (as the first one I bought has been filled), and yet more new deoderant. I also went to the Home Despot and picked up a shitload of paint chits, the first step in recoloring my wretched little hovel. Unfortunately, powerfully threatening rains kept me from doing what I needed to do most, that being laundry. Fortunately, I can do that tomorrow.

I also should have wrapped Michelle's (fairly damn late, at this point) birthday present today, but for some reason I didn't. I shall do that tomorrow as well.

-- I continue to have issues with my deoderant. I have apparently developed an immunity to Speed Stick, a situation no doubt the result of the fact that I've been using not just the same brand but the same scent since I was in high school. I switched over to Old Spice High Endurance, but after about three weeks it started badly irritating my underarms, so today I decided to rock it 100% old school and buy a stick of Brut and see how that works out. Just to be on the safe side, I switched out my soap today, too, buying 8 bars of Zest (w/ new Spring Burst! scent) to replace the Irish Spring that I have, again, been using since I was in high school.

I suppose one could make an arguement for me being a creature of habit. I myself prefer to think of it as enjoying my stability.

-- There's some good stuff there, but so far the WB's new Batman cartoon seems to bear a remarkable similarity to ass-paste.

-- Speaking of Batman (and I was), the second season of Batman, the first season of Superman and the first season of Gargoyles are all coming out on DVD on December 7th. Either I'm going to be spending a butt-ton of money or I just wrote my Christmas list.
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