September 8th, 2004

John Constantine

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-- I had a great, great time at Dragon*Con this past weekend. I acutally didn't see very many things that made me want to burn my eyes out. Not as many as I was expecting, anyway. I went to a hilarious panel where Warren Ellis took questions from the audience for an hour, but unfortunately Luke was wrong about me getting blasted an puking up absinthe with him. Maybe next year, if he makes it back. I did manage to get a stack of books autographed by him, as well as keep my promise of delivering unto him a couple cans of the Red Bull, for which he was most appreciative.

I spent the majority of my time wandering around looking at the costumes and the dickhead goth kids got up in poncey outfits, and prowling the dealers rooms, wherein I spent too much money. I picked up a set of silver-plated dice, a stack of books, some badass t-shirts, and I got a fox squirrel for Shelli. I also picked up a new seal and managed to score a stick of black wax, so people can look forward to letters, just so I can use the stuff up. I was hoping I'd be able to get my Firefly DVD's autographed, but absolutely insane lines kept me from doing so. Cooper tells me there was no line by the time Monday rolled around, but I didn't even have them with me then. I likely would've made a gibbering idiot of myself anyway, because as hard as it is to even concieve of, Jewel Staite is even cuter in person.

Luke was right about one thing, 'tho; Crutcher was wearing a kilt and pigtails, and it was about like you'd expect. "Hey, look, she's dressed like Pipi Longstockin-- fuck me, that's Crutcher." He was good for a laugh, like usual.

Also, it was good to have a chance to hang out with Dave and Cooper, which is something I do far, FAR too little of these days. I miss them.

-- Nice license plate, ass. Then again, I suppose "I'm an uppity cockhole with a tiny dick" wouldn't exactly fit, would it?

-- Fuck. My monitor just clicked and went black for a second, and then came back. I suppose that means its replacement is nigh.

-- Dave, try for somewhere to host your pictures so you can put them on your LiveJournal. 10 megs of storage for free, and automatically generated html for a direct point or for an image link. I figure 10 megs will hold about 3 dozen pictures or so if you crop your them down to 3x5 .jpgs or thereabouts. That's what I'm planning on doing with my Dragon*Con pics at some point, probably this weekend.
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