September 15th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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Everyone is cowering and quaking in fear of Attack of the Hurricanoe, which the weather and the news is of course referring to as Ivan the Terrible. It's looking now like the university is going to shut down and I'm getting the next two days off, which will be quite shiny if I can manage to not get blown to Oz during my vacation.

I'm more interested to see what the flooding effects are going to be, myself. Tuscaloosa has some of the shittiest drainage I've ever seen for somewhere that fancies itself a major city; in particular, I'm thinking of the streets that I've seen flood out after 20 minutes of heavy rain. There are places around here that I'll be amazed if they don't literally float away over the next couple days.

Oh well. I'll hit the grocery store on my way home and pick up some stuff that I can eat without power, in case it comes to that, and batten down for the stiff breeze to wind it's way through. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. I'll be sure to post an update in the event that I get skewered with a tree branch or something.
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Self-Portrait 3

And so it begins

There's a breeze blowing outside, and right now that's all it is. Just a hair above gentle, but it's steady. Every once in a while it'll gust up and try to be strong. The rain started to fall about fifteen minutes ago. It's so fine you can't see it if you don't catch it in the light; you couldn't feel it hit your skin if it wasn't driven by the wind.

I said today that I wasn't really worried about the storm, and I'm not, but how quiet this place is has got me a mite spooked. The people evactuating out of Mobile and Florida just picked everybody up in a tide when they came through, it feels like. No class, no work, so they ghosted. Quiet from outside, except for the constant hum of the refridgerated semi that lives behind my grocery store this week, because they need the extra room to whore their wares to the panicked throng. No one loud in the streets in defiance of nature, no howls of anger from the wind. People are having their "hurricane party"s, but they're inside and close. The pack instinct is still strong in humans so they gather in numbers to wait for the hit. But inside. Everyone's inside waiting for the storm to break, while the storm swirls outside, keeping it's hole card close while it waits for us to crack.

And there's way, way too much quiet.
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