September 17th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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I have survived Ivan, who, quite frankly, turned out to have been a little bitch by the time he made it this far north. My power and my cable have both been restored, so the world is at my fingertips once again. I had power again after less than a day without, a fact by which I am amazed when you consider that I saw no fewer than four transformers explode yesterday. Me and mine are all safe as houses, except for the houses. Downed trees and damaged roofs abound, but all the people are fine, and that's the only part I really care about.

A full report on my two days off later. Now, I think it's nap-time.
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-- Anybody got three grand they feel like blowing on me? I'll be your best friend.

-- Step 1: Go here and listen to the creepy-ass but ridiculously catchy Buffalo Bill theme song.

Step 2: Come back here and look at the Stormtrooper hump icon that I shamelessly ganked from Jayme for just this reason. He dances to the music.

Step 3: Be mesmerized by it, and feel dirty. Ha ha. Nefarious, motherfucker.

-- The shitty weather they forecast for today never even thought about materializing, but for some reason I got the day off work anyway. Suckas! I spent the early morning walking around campus surveying the "devastation", which was mostly limited to a lot of the dead branches that someone should have pruned months or years ago being on the ground where they belonged. A few trees came down in front of two of the Old Row frat houses, which lemme tell you broke my fucking heart, and a really big oak came down on 13th street, but other than that, it was pretty much like I thought: lotta rain, big wind. Not a lot to write home about. I spent the rest of my morning helping Shelli and the rest of the lab trolls undo their flood preparations and restore the lab to "doing the science" status, then had lunch, then wasted some time in the thrift store, then enjoyed being outside on a warm, sunny, breezy day on which I had absolutely NO right to not be at work. Damn, I'm smooth.
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