September 21st, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Great googley-moogley. Anne Rice is so full of herself I'm surprised she hasn't popped yet. Scroll in about a dozen reviews to see her response to her critics. At least now I know why the Vampire Chronicles became absolutely unreadable after Queen of the Damned, as explained by her website. I thought it was me having lost my taste for pretentious asshattery. Turns out she just lost her apparently desperately-needed editor.

-- This past Thursday was fairly intersting, what with the hurricane and all. I spent nearly all the time of Ivan with my door open looking out at the wind and rain and (semi-)devastation, and also to let in enough light to see by. I kept my blinds closed and blankets over the windows, figuring that would provide me with some protection in the event that my ridiculously large windows exploded. My power went out pretty much first thing that morning, when the first transformer exploded at 6:30. It came back on after a half-hour, then went out again at 10 when another transformer gave a pop, then blew out. It came right back, but then not five minutes later yet another transformer blew out spectacularly, and that took care of my power until three that afternoon, when the Alabama Power truck came out and went in the direction of the transformer that blew out at 10. I don't know what they did, but there was a POP! and huge blue arcing electrical flares that hurt to look at from 100 yards away, and then my power came back on. For fifteen minutes. After which it very calmly turned off without the aid of any explosions and stayed off until 9:30.

-- It is entirely possible that LucasArts has sold me a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront simply by virtue of putting a clip in the latest commercial of a Scout Trooper laying down sniper fire on Endor and pegging an Ewok with a head shot.

-- Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow is absolutely fantastic. It's got all the flavor of swashbuckling adventure, '30s pulp, the old Republic adventure serials, and a Max Fleishcer cartoon all rolled into one. Since these are all things I love, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Plus, watching Angelina Jolie get her Nick Fury on is a bargain at twice the price.

-- We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your technological and biological uniqueness will be integrated into the collective; from this moment on, you will service us. Lower your sparkly combs and prepare to be assimilated.
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