September 30th, 2004

John Constantine

(no subject)

-- Goddam hotmail is taking my emails and arranging them in reverse date order and not letting me change the arrangement. Which is what I get for still using hotmail, I guess.

-- The people hating on Fez because he's in a position to exclusively fuck tasty 18-year-old tail and unapologetically does so amuse me to no end. You just mad 'cuz you ain't got none, and everybody knows it.

-- Warren Ellis has really shitty taste in writing, or at the very least tastes that run very counter to my own. Sad, but undeniably true. Only one of the three he recommended in that post is any good, and that one is in desperate need of a copy editor. Which is something that immediately turns me off about someone's writing. Yeah, it's good, but for god's sake punctuate it properly.

-- I think I've finally got this whole "life" thing figured out. See, the trick is, you have to be smarter than the meat.
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