October 1st, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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Livejournal's actin' screwy today. Then again, when does it not, really?

The past couple days have been interesting in ways both good and awful. I'm mainly doing this now as a placeholder to remind me to write them up in detail after I get home. Just a warning, I'll be going into detail about my days pretty much from here on in. I'm getting too old to trust my memory anymore so I need to write everything down
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Self-Portrait 3

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I keep my livejournal set up so that there's a calendar on the right-hand sidebar. It shows when I've updated, and as an added bonus I always have a calendar handy, because honestly, I stick my friends page and my email inbox on a couple tabs in Firefox and I leave them open all day. The calendars ticked over to October since I just updated, and I was struck by what a nice, solid month this month is, calendar-layout wise. A couple days up top, one down at the bottom, and four nice, solid weeks in between.

October always has been my favorite month, truth be told. I love the fact that it has a major holiday on the 31st, so you get the whole entire month to use as run-up to one great day. And hands down it's got the coolest holiday of the year, because honestly, what kind of worthless degenerate doesn't like Hallowe'en?

The weather's my favorite thing, tho'. It always feels like I'm coming back to myself this time of year because I get to armor up and cover my arms and my head. I've always just been more comfortable that way. The more layers I can put between me and the outside world, the better, I guess.
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