October 7th, 2004

John Constantine

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But then again, that feeling you get when the light goes on and you finally do slip that last piece into place and everything spreads itself out and opens up in front of you like it's been that way all the time and it was just waiting for you to see it? Yeah, that's pretty fuckin' nice.
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Domestic as Fuck night has been cancelled due to the occurance of The Fulghums Were in Town Night. I worked a half-hour late to secure a stress-free day off tomorrow and then went and had sushi with Mrs. Sarah and Shelli, then went to the 'Tooth and had a couple drinks and talked about knives, computers, and guns (in that order) with Mr. Matthew Harold. So no laundry, no baking, no cleaning, no sewing. I may go on and squeeze in the cleaning and some of the sewing since I don't have to get up tomorrow morning, but the laundry and the baking are definitely going to wait until tomorrow, if not after.

Even without seeing Matt and Sarah, today was quite the good day. I had a remarkably stress-free day at work, considering how hellish and snowed under I usually gets when I try to clear a path so I can take a day off. I also got to have lunch with Michelle; we're getting dangerously close to turning that into the Thursday Thing. Hurm. First lunch with her and then dinner with Shelli and Sarah. If I don't watch out I'm going to spoil myself and start demanding that I must take all my meals in the company of beautiful intelligent women. In fact, that's not a bad idea. Make it so, Number One.

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