November 2nd, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- From Transmetropolitan #15, Spider Jerusalem's frigteningly accurate description of what voting really is, especially under the electoral college and the two-party system. And so any vote for Not the Insane Cokehead Fratboy is wasted in this state, as Alabama will go Republican like always. Go vote anyway.

-- Speaking of insane cokehead fratboys (and I was), I was walking home from the lab last night when I saw three proto-freds heading in my direction. Long-sleeved white oxford shirts, red and silver striped ties, khakis, grey new balance cross-trainers, and navy blazers slung over their shoulders. All three of them. Their hair was the same color. They had the same haircut. I plugged my earphones in and started flipping through songs on the link as they approached me. They crowded over to one side of the sidewalk to let me by as we passed each other, and one in the middle said "Evening". I responded accordingly, automatically, and when I was a couple steps past the one furthest from me said very quickly and very quitely in a mutter that he probably didn't think I could hear, "Bush/Cheney'04". I looked back as we went our separate ways. They didn't. I stopped and considered the situation for a heartbeat, maybe two. In a parking lot/cul-de-sac between the oil & gas board building and special collections storage, not clearly visible from the street. Three of them, one of me. Odds like that, I'd likely end up having to kill at least one of them. I decided some fred who didn't have the balls to actually be an asshole wasn't worth it. I kept going.

-- They're showing Dr. Strangelove at the Bama Theatre tonight. If I decide to be lazy tonight that sounds like a very viable alternative to what I should be doing. I've also got a couple books that I'll finish tonight, since I can't watch TV. I make it a point to stay away from the news on election night. I like to get up in the morning and catch up on what's happened before I go to work. I've always been like that, ever since I was a kid. It's like Christmas, except instead of presents, I get a new President. It's fun.
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