December 14th, 2004

Black S-Shield

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What superhuman team you'd be a member of by seductionjunkie
favorite color scheme
favorite clothing style
your superpowers:anything that starts with 'bat'
andthe ability to talk to animals
andthe ability to summon spirits and dead things
your codenameOne-Eyed Willy
your greatest weaknessyou have a curfew
your sidekickgargledegoo
your own particular idiomMercy doesn't exist for the guilty
your favorite quote"Nothing can stop the GREAT Do- Oh, wait..shit"
you would be a member ofThe A Team
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I was planning on dismissing this out of hand, but it's all so frighteningly appropriate. I've uttered the words that are in my "favorite quote" on more than one occasion.
Self-Portrait 3

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Oh my GOD. I'm not at work.

I get to wrap presents now, which is something I absolutely love to do. That's actually the only reason I give people stuff, honestly. I just wanna wrap it first.

Also, I will curse you, or hex you, or somesuch. I have eye of newt.
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