February 4th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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-- I just saw a commercial for Hide and Seek that features the line, done in a ridiculously over-dramatic voiceover, "If you haven't seen the #1 MOVIE IN AMERICA, don't let anyone RUIN THE SURPRISE!"

And then, unless I miss my guess, the very next shot in the commercial ruins the surprise.

-- I also just saw a commercial for Saw, which is apparently coming out on DVD on Feb. 15th. If you were considering buying or renting Saw when it comes out, do yourself a favor; instead of spending the money to buy Saw, stand up and shit your pants instead. You can get rid of every trace of it after a shower and a load of laundry while Saw would burn in your brain forever, you enjoyed taking that dump a hell of a lot more than you'd enjoy watching Saw, and you're not out twenty bucks.

You're welcome.