February 17th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you ever get the feeling that Penn & Teller pretty much have to be up each other?

-- Hurm. Apparently there's life on Mars. Swanky.

-- Bush advises Syria to adhere to a UN resolution and withdraw it's troops from Lebanon. Christ, the BALLS on that fucker! How does he walk with those gargantuan fucking things hanging? Is there a dude with a wheelbarrow following behind him that I never noticed before, carting those bastards around? Jesus!

-- How do you know when it's "bedtime" at Michael Jackson's house?
The big hand touches the little one.

Hell yeah I laughed at it. You did too. Don't lie.

-- Because some ad exec somewhere is trying to be "hip" and "with it", but in reality doesn't have clue fucking one, McDonald's is currently running an ad campaign with a guy expressing his desire to fuck a double cheeseburger. It'd be sad if it wasn't so Goddamn funny.
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