May 9th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

I should not work more often.

Today has been perhaps the finest day in recent memory. I managed to sleep in until 9:30, after a brief moment of confused awakening at 7:27, which was unwelcome but reassuring, as it means my internal clock is still working, at least to some degree. I fired up Sam's PS2 and managed to beat a platforming element in God of War that's been confounding me for a solid week, and then I watched a little tv. After a quick whore's bath I took a walk in the absolutely glorious weather and headed over to the Ferg to check my mail. I ran into Michelle on the way over, and Amy and Kim on the way back, and for a little while I stood with my toes in the grass and my face to the sun and smiled at the fact that I can apparently go for a walk and just start tripping over hot women.

I came home, ate an unnecessarily large (or so I thought at the time) late lunch, and was about to watch a bit more tv when my phone rang and I was invited to a graduating/leaving the lab celebration with The Adored Ones and Amy and Kim and Summer and Heath and Yet-Another-Michelle. Said celebration consisted of a smattering of Mexican food interspersed between a dozen margaritas or thereabouts, at least one of which was irresponsibly large. And now, after coming home, stretching out, and downing two glasses of water and one of lemonade (and burning through a bit more of GoW to sort of force the synapses to fire a bit), I'm off to bed as the final step in my plan to thwart a tequila-fueled hangover. Leigh, my apologies for not keeping our appointment tonight, but I must away to bed. I'll catch up with you later, I promise.
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