May 17th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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Here is what I really hope is a fake picture of the PlayStation 3. I'm hoping it's a fake because while the design of the box itself is very, very nice, it has "Playstation 3" written across the front in the same font they use for the Spider-Man movies, which is just... lame.

If it's real I can deal with that part, but that controller... ugh. The reason the Playstation controller has been almost unchanged for more than a decade is because from an ergonomic standpoint it's very nearly perfect. This thing looks like the only time it had any contact with ergonomics was to hit it in the face with a rock.
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Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- I've been feeling a bit sick all day, but getting steadily worse after lunch. Not nauseated or anything, just off. Dis-balanced, like something was wrong I couldn't quite see. Whatever it was, it seems like I got rid of it along with dinner. So now all the sick I feel is from my gullet being washed-out empty.

-- I caught most of an episode of House while I was recovering from the pukening. The write up on the IMDB makes it sound like shit but it's pretty damn good. And plus, Sela Ward.

-- I went to the Pubix to get some groceries and what not, which I'd been planning on doing tonight anyway, just not to get what would end up being dinner. The guy who bagged my groceries seemed to be going for the record, as not one but two of my items apparently merited bags of their very own. I also saw on the cover of People or InTouch or some such shit that the gossip is that Nick and Jessica are on the outs. The majority of the cover was taken up by a picture of Jessica in a tight red and black dress, all blonde hair and teeth and boobs and happy as hell. Next to it about the size of a postage stamp they've got a picture of my boy Nick, looking like somebody kicked his dog and punched him in the nuts.

Hell, I thought it was funny.

-- Speaking of which, I think American Dad is supposed to suck. I think that's the joke. Otherwise why isn't the new Family Guy crap, too?
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