May 26th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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-- If I get bored enough today I'm going to do that "first-last-current-future" meme that's floating around. Consider yourself warned.

-- I need to start figuring out what classes I'm going to take in the fall. I think I'll be able to handle one actual physical class and one via correspondence.

-- I also need to put together a reading list for this summer. I'll post it up here when I'm done, attention whore that I am.

-- I saw a little blurb on the internets last night about Bruce Dickenson's new album that said "Folks who have been annoyed by the non-Maiden-ness of much of Dickenson's solo catalog will be glad to know that Tyranny of Souls sounds more like classic Maiden than even Maiden's last few albums." I'll definately have to give that a listen.
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Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

Sweet mercy, I'm as bored as sweaty balls. I got back from lunch frelling six days ago, yet for some reason it's only 3:40.

It may be time to hit up eBay for the ol' Twelve Dolla Holla.
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