June 8th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

Thinking out loud

-- It occurs to me that since I've reached the point where I actually eat lunch at least once a week, and sometimes more, I might ought to look into getting a lunchbox of some sort. I wonder if you can still get one of those old-school black lunchpails anywhere?

-- I should also probably look into varying my lunch menu to something beyond sandwiches.

-- Does the fact that Don't Look Back in Anger might be my most favoritest song ever make me a complete bitch?

-- I need a corkscrew, a wine stopper, a teakettle, maybe a couple of shirts, and a new pair of sandals. I should go shop tomorrow. I think after the week I've had I sorta deserve it. Then again, maybe I'll just go shopping tonight. I hear tell they'll sell you stuff over the internet.

-- I think the only thing that would make today better than it's been is if my guts weren't aching. Fortunately, modern medical science has given us just the thing for situations like this, and I plan on availing myself of a healthy dose of it as soon as I finish dinner.
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Self-Portrait 3

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There is an absolutely fascinating piece on 60 Minutes right now about how the Amish in Ohio have basically intermarried to the point where their DNA just can't sustain itself anymore. There are three kids from the same mother who all have a disease that's so rare there's not a name for it. A few years ago there were about 100 known cases worldwide of something called Cohen Syndrome. Now there's in the neighborhood of 130, with the rest all coming from the orthodox Amish community. They need an infusion of fresh DNA, like those clones on that episode of Next Generation. I hope I can stay awake long enough to see all of it.
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