June 9th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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-- It suddenly occurs to me, as most things do, that Weezer's a fairly popular band. They're big on the MTV, the kids seem to like 'em a good bit. They were even popular amongst the frattici for a while, as I recall. But their lead singer-songwriter is an unrepentant dork, the kind of guy who couldn't pay for a date in high school, and probably college either. My point being, very likely the overwhelming majority of the people who bought the Blue Album have no earthly idea what he's singing about at the beginning of 'In The Garage'.

-- At some point today I need to email Leigh, I need to email Jojo, and I need to start seriously planning out my vacation.

-- Hurm. I guess it is gonna be one of those days after all. Imagine that.
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    Weezer -- Suzanne