July 6th, 2005

Black S-Shield

(no subject)

A comcast drone paid a visit yesterday, tighetened up some connections, told me I shouldn't be using a splitter, and declared my problems fixed. And they looked very much fixed to me.

That is, until this morning. Unless the internet was broken at 7:20 this morning and someone had fixed it by 8:15, not only is my high-speed internet service not working, but it's now worse than it's ever been before.

I figure I'll put up with about another week of this before I get my cable turned off and do something more constructive with my time than fighting with comcast. Like masturbating incessantly. Then again, how much longer until I'm not getting any more new episodes of Justice League Unlimited (which, by the way, is hands down the best thing on TV right now)? That's how long they have to get me sorted out. Because after that TV will hold no more use for me.
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