July 8th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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Other than putting a match to copious amounts of explosives last weekend and my ongoing struggles with comcast, this has been quite the boring week. Not much at all to do at work, tho' it's still the busiest I've been in a month. Odd, given that the only full day I've worked so far this week was Wednesday, and it's like to stay that way. I left at lunchtime Tuesday, at 4:30 yesterday, and I seriously doubt I'll stay here past 4 today, for no other reason than I have literally hundreds of hours of vacation time, and I don't really need to be here now, let alone until five this afternoon.

Guh. I need to do something this weekend.
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Holy Shit!

Her name is Aneesa, and she is officially the only useful human at Comcast customer service.
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