July 25th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3

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-- Dammit, woman. I'm forced to infer from the conversation we had a week ago wherein you lamented to me that you were trying to lose weight that you have no idea what a sweet ass you have; I must therefore ask that you refrain from doing things like leaning over tables to pick stuff up and bending down to get files off low shelves. Especially in that skirt.

Sincerely, the Management.

-- I'm informed by a contact in the Library of Congress that this evening, the House will be debating a "non-binding resolution" on GTA: San Andreas. Your government in action, baby.

-- And while we're on the subject, in Grand Theft Auto you can shoot sombody in the neck with a sniper rifle, pop their head off, and watch the blood geyser up. Rating? Mature But what gets it slapped with an Adults Only rating? A sex minigame. I haven't played the infamous "Hot Coffee" minigame yet, but from what I've seen it looks like interracial sex, too, which is part of the reason there's such a big fuss over it whether any of its detractors will come out and admit it or not.

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