August 7th, 2005

Self-Portrait 3


If I'd gone to see The Day After Tomorrow in the theatre, I would have walked out and asked for a refund. Even worse than Torque's offensive stupidity, Day After Tomorrow was willfully dumb.

Our core group of characters ends up in the New York Public Library, and they find an office with a fireplace, so what do they do next? Well, New York is flooded, and there's a large shipping boat trapped in the ice in the streets outside. So of course they go out to the ship, get some fire axes, and chop up the furniture to use for fuel. Oh no, wait, they immediately start tossing books into the fire so they can foster debates among the characters about the merits of humanity and the accomplishments of western civilization.

On the bright side, I'm happier they decided to pad out the script with that contrived drivel rather than more scenes of shitty CGI wolves and of the characters outrunning the cold.
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Kasper Cole

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Jesus. I'm just waiting to see the episode of Pimp My Ride where they put so much shit in the car that you can't get in and drive it anymore.

It's coming. I have no doubt it's coming.