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(no subject)
I'd be willing to bet a sizeable amount of money that a lot of the stuff in Lost is based on a long-form conspiracy/paranoia-flavored RPG that Paul Dini either ran or played in when he was younger. The compltely random-ass grouping-but-still-identifiable-by-their-archetype nature of the characters and a LOT of the plot-points just scream "big group of role-players playing a long-term story-arc based game".

(no subject)
Captain America
Seriously... raise your hand if you're not absolutely terrified by this.

Oh, for Pete's sake..
"Robotic Hummer Gets Pole in Robot Race"

I think I'm going to start a business to provide news services with somebody with a dirty mind to sit around and read headlines so this kind of shit stops happening. Who wants to get in on the ground floor?