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Well, would you look at that.
Crazy fuckers in Indianapolis set to die in a hail of bullets before the end of the month.

This is what "superheroes" would be like in real life, people; crusty old sexually-frustrated housewives trying to get Batman to lose the cape and give them a show while they wait for the bus home from the third shift. Tho' I have to admit, "bitches all up on my cape" is freaking genius.

I'm going to hell.
Self-Portrait 3
This is one of the meanest things I've seen recently, but God help me, I laughed at it --

And while I'm on the subject of football, I'm by no stretch of the imagination a Broncos fan but I hope the Patriots get destroyed this weekend. Their whiny bullshit "we're back-to-back defending champions but nobody respects us" schtick has gotten really old really fast, and the sports press' constant fellating of Tom Brady has gotten even older. There's 10 other guys out there on the field with him; it's not like he can go out and win the game without them.