February 1st, 2006

Daredevil Pie

Where did it all go?

I have an absolute laundry list of stuff I need to get done tonight, because I just realized that tonight is the only free time I have from now until Sunday night at the earliest. Or I guess I should say unappropriated free time. Tomorrow night and my weekend are free, but they're accounted for. Dammit. I have to

-- Find my Dragon*Con pre-registration card

-- Find my pen

-- Find my W-2 form

-- Find my tax booklet (which I guess I don't just say have to do, since I can get another one at the post office, if need be)

-- Find my long-missing pocket Moleskine

-- Find my address book

-- Clean my bathtub

-- Hang my new curtain

-- Clean out the fridge

-- Wrap Dave's birthday present **FAIL** Dave's presents are unwrappable. I'm just gonna smack him upside the head with them when he opens the door.

-- I have two jackets that need to be sewn up

-- A pile of dishes that need to be washed

-- Vaccuum the carpet

-- Scrub the floor

-- Clean the stove

-- Shower, shave, and wash my hair I cheated this one out by doing it in the morning.

-- Also, I guess I need to eat somewhere in there, too.

Shit. I may not probably won't make it to kung fu tonight.
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