February 20th, 2006

Self-Portrait 3

Humanity is in desperate need of a cull.

-- Wow, what an agressively worthless coont. Here's hoping her kid goes into insulin shock and dies.

-- New evidence indicates that driving and talking on the phone at the same time may not be harmless, after all. I'm now awaiting the follow-up article where this stupid whore sues either the car maker or the cel phone company.

-- I hope Paris Hilton catches AIDS and dies. Or mabye OD's on heroin. That would be nice.

-- Way to do your part to bolster our stagnant population! Oh, wait--. That the doctor responsible for this is still allowed to practice medicine is a travesty. Hopefully she (the incubator, not the doctor) will have a heart attack or stroke out before she can squeeze out another one. You know, in its own special little way this is even worse than that breeding farm up in Arkansas where they've already churned out sixteen.
You got Served!

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I was walking out the door to go to the kwoon when my dinner suddenly felt an urgent need to return to its previous stop on the line. Rather than argue with it, I ran back to the bathroom and managed to not get puke on either my sash or the gi that I just washed yesterday, which I choose to see as a powerful moral victory. I'm looking forward to catching up on some emails and watching the American Chopper FANtasy Bikes marathon, maybe making an icon or two, while I try to get my stomach to settle so I can eat something nice and light.

Do I have anything nice and light? I'm not sure. Wait, what am I saying, I live in a grocery store. And sweet mercy, they have fruit.
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