April 30th, 2006

Self-Portrait 3


I had a fantastic time at MalletCon this weekend. The only problem is that I sobered up (mostly) before I fell asleep, and I still feel like I was rode hard and put up wet; which in my opinion is proof positive that I am officially too old for this shit.

For some reason that I haven't yet been able to suss out, I've spent a huge amount of this weekend sleeping. I mean, waking at 10:30 this morning and going back to sleep at around 4:00 for a three-hour nap? That I get. What I don't understand is why I went to sleep at midnight Friday night, woke up for about half an hour Saturday morning, and then slept until 2.

Then again, the retarded sleep schedule does mean that my weekend has consisted of little more than sleeping, drinking, and breastseses, so I don't suppose I should look a gift horse in the mouth. But the fact that I'm leaving the house at 10 pm to get sodas for hangover-fighting caffine probably isn't going to do much to straighten things out in the sleep department.