May 2nd, 2006

Self-Portrait 3

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None of my "around the house" stuff got done last night because I ended up going home to scenic Greenbow, Alabama. One of my mother's refridgerators gave out on her on Friday, so she decided to take the day off yesterday and come up here to buy a new one, because apparently that's how she rolls. April and I went back down with her, spent a little time with the family, then got back to T-town at about 10:30, so my laundry and cleaning had to wait until tonight.

I was planning on strolling down to Alabama Power to pay my light bill tonight, but it occured to me that if I go to bed now and get up 45 mins early in the morning I can turn that trip into a nice early morning walk before work, which will be nice. So, mission loadout for the morning will be --

-- All the bills that need to go in the mail/get paid tomorrow

-- stationery so I can write Shelli a letter

-- my checkbook

-- my journal

-- a couple bottles of water and a bag of Kashi
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Seeing as I'm planning on getting up more than an hour early in the morning, I suppose I should stop editing the gorram wiki and go to bed, shouldn't I?