May 12th, 2006

I say fuck a lot

See, what had happened was...

Today was so fantastically shitty that I can scarecely put it into words. Suffice it to say that my day started off with the BSOD on my webserver, and went downhill from there. Until lunch, when I got to see Michelle, but after that more unmitigated CRAP until 4:30, when Roach called me and told me that he was getting people together to drink at El Rincon. To which I replied "Fuck yes", so as soon as I got off work I headed down. It ended up being me, Roach, Kelli Hamm, Michelle and Chase, Matt and Sarah, Brandi and Ryan, Matt Stewart's woman Karolyn, and a metric fuck-tonne of of margaritas.

I missed Luke's Chunky Call because I was in the bathroom pissing, so of course I called him back, and talked to him. And so did Roach, sometime during which Luke hung up on us. I also regaled Roach with my "God damn, I need to get laid" speech (which consists in its intirety of "God damn I need to get fucking laid"), but I made Kelli cover her ears first becase I'm a gentleman, and she's sixteen or something. So, tonight I have apparently drunk-called Katie Terry, Luke, and Shelli, and sent Melissa Scott an email in which I referrd to myslef as "sexual mocha". Also, it's entirely possible that I'm sitting here naked with my door wide open.

Fuck. Must sober up before I go to sleep. Being 1 in the morning drunk at 9 at night is bad news, Mega Man.
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