December 12th, 2006


The lighter side of my comic-book nerdery.

So last night, I was randomly flipping channels, as I am sometimes wont to do. I paused for a second at G4 and heard Olivia Munn utter the words, "-- Batman hitting a guy with a car battery."

Since the above statement explicitly details more kinds of awesome than mortal man has heretofore been able to quantify, my curiosity was, shall we say, piqued. Unfortunately, with the exception of being told that I could find out more about all the blogs that they'd just discussed at, that was the end of the segment.

Undaunted, I immediately visited to find out more about the tantalizing hint of the promised land that I'd just heard about.

Now daunted, after about six minutes I left, knowing less than I had when I arrived there, because is a Java-heavy, poorly designed, impossible to navigate horrorshow that stabbed several hundred of my brain cells and peed on me.

I ate dinner and recovered from my daunting, and after a little bit of Googling, I found what I was looking for. What I have perhaps been looking for my whole life:

Chris's Invincible SUPER-BLOG

I was past the level of the Dick and Jane books before I could walk; I learned how to read big person words from a stack of comic books, and I've been reading them ever since. So for me, there's about a 60% chance that the Ivincible SUPER-BLOG is the finest thing on the Internets. Did I say 60? I meant 75.
Captain America

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An open letter to Representative Dennis Kucinich--

Dear Representative Kucinich:

If one of the microphones in front of you when you announce your candidacy for President of the United States is labeled WATM 1100, you ain't gonna make it.

Sorry about that.

Your friend, Will