December 13th, 2006

The Black Panther

(no subject)

From Warren Ellis's Bad Signal that was in the inbox by the time I got to work this morning --

-- "* I thought this morning of something
I wrote back in the 90s that never
went anywhere, and am wondering
where I put the document. It was
pre-computer, so it's laying around
as typescript somewhere. I was
asked circa 1994 to pitch for a book
that never happened: BLACK
PANTHER 2099. I ended up
interpolating some of it into my
DOOM 2099 run. I'm just wondering
where I filed the pitch document. I
remember it revolving around
T'Challa X, clone-descendant of the
contemporary Black Panther, and
his targetting of 2099 America as
the source of all evil in the world,
causing Black Panther Cells to be
formed in the USA as subversive
guerrilla troops dedicated to the
downfall of the government. No
wonder it wasn't bought, really.
I seem to recall all the chapter titles
were taken from Bobby Seale's
book and statements from Public
Enemy. I do wonder what I did with

Seriously? I'd read that in a hot second.