January 1st, 2007

Self-Portrait 3

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-- No New Year's resolutions this year; only a determination to be more resolute. There are things that I know I should have already been doing, just like there are things that you know you should have already been doing. I think using the start of a new year as the jump-off to motivate oneself into being the person that one should already be striving to be has more constructive value than composing a list of resolutions that seem more and more unattainable the more one thinks about them, "one" in this case being myself.

-- We went down and visited Ma for the new year, and it followed the pattern that visits home seem to have fallen into of late; lots of eating, lots of talking and reminiscing and being happy to be together, lots of blowing shit up. Also lots of her giving me money, which is a habit that I will one day break her of, tho' at the moment I have no idea how.
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