March 19th, 2007

Self-Portrait 3

Do they have high-speed internet access in the joint?

My TV died on me late Monday night. I didn't think it was that big a deal at first, but I quickly realized that "no working television" isn't the same as "cable's out". No TV means no popping in a movie, and no video gaming. So now, with the possible exception of the internet, I find myself limited to entertainment options not entirely dissimilar to those available to the convicted felon:


(x)Free weights

(x)Hollowing out a book to hide contraband

(x)Catching some sunshine out in The Yard

(x)Shankin' some bitch-ass mark

(x)Avoiding all permutaions inherent in dropping the soap

It's honestly not too bad of a situation. I'd been starting to think that I was watching too much television anyway, and getting rid of cable TV and Netflix will save $65 a month. Besides which, sloughing off a worldly luxury for a while never hurt anyone.

The TV itself will certainly be replaced/repaired at some point. Based on the cursory research I've done on the intertubes it's probably a $200-$300 fix. I could buy a new set for that money, so not at the moment, no, but at some point. More likely I'll just get this one fixed, as it almost certainly can be repaired, so buying a new one would just be wasteful. But what to do if it dies on me again?

What's the premium on decent renter's insurance look like these days?