August 28th, 2008

Captain America

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This article about a trio of rappers who released a song called "Kill Bill O'Rielly" is pretty good.  I like (and am not the least bit surprised by) the fact that most of their detractors assume that the rappers are black and hurl their insults accordingly, but the best part of the whole thing is this quote from Keith Olbermann --

"Gentlemen, I’m the last person to disagree with you on the chicken hawk, lying coward, sexist, racist, needs a face-lift, whore stuff, but you really need to re-cut this track.  Nobody’s life should be threatened, not even in the hyperbole of the moment. Beside, you are rappers. You have better ethics than Bill O’Reilly does. Live up to them. Don’t live down to him. Word to your mother."

Reason #912 why Kieth Olbermann is one awesome motherfucker.