September 5th, 2008

Give a Damn

I'm bored, and I'm angry. Not a good combination.

I was checking my gmail, and the ad at the top of the inbox was a link to an photo gallery of 10 new dramas for this TV season. I've only looked at two of them so far, and that was enough to convince me that I need to be an asshole about all of them.

Life on Mars -- This might be good, and will probably be at least watchable if for no other reason than the presence of Chief O'Brien.  Still, it's a safe bet that the British original is probably better.

Eleventh Hour -- That premise sounds awful, but Rufus Sewell is pretty watchable, and Marley Shelton is cute in a weird, freaky way.  I'd at least give it a shot.

The Ex-List -- If that appeals to you at all, I hate you.  Do humankind a favor and make yourself die.

The Mentalist -- "If we make a show that's a complete ripoff of Psych but we make the lead an actual cop instead of a PI, do you think USA can sue us?"  "I dunno, lets find out!"

90210 -- They actually did that?  Hunh.  I thought that was a joke.

Privileged --  That premise does nothing for me one way or another, but at least the chicks are cute.

Fringe -- Damn.  The guys behind this show better be glad Fox decided to pick them up =before= they figured out the X-Files doesn't have an audience anymore.

Crusoe -- There isn't a hint of promise in the blurb under the photo, but I read an article earlier this week that says this is supposed to be a thirteen episode limited series that faithfully adapts Robinson Crusoe.  Which, if it's true, is the ballsiest thing either of the Big Three networks has done in a while.

Knight Rider -- If it's anything like the TV movie they did a couple months back they should be able to run it without ads, as it will essentially be an hour-long Ford commercial.

My Own Worst Enemy -- Wow.  I kinda thought that one was a joke, too.