November 4th, 2008

Captain America

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None of my usual election day snark this year. Not with the sorry-ass shape this country's in.

Get out there and vote, people.
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I was talking to someone on Saturday night about someone rich who had disappeared in a suspected plane crash at some in the past year or so, but I couldn't come up with a name because I was drunk as balls.

The person to whom I was referring was Steve Fossett.

I unfortunately can't remember who I was discussing this with, because balls. Drunk as. But it was Saturday night at Jason and Celeste's bitchin' Halloween party, so whoever it was will probably read this.
Captain America

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Yeah, I know I said I was gone, but voting took, literally, five minutes.

To help everyone obsess over returns --

Also, a fairly amusing NPR article about what White America is in for if Obama wins the election. Sarah, Matt and I heard this one on the way back from Connecticut and cracked up. The relevant bit is six paragraphs in --